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All information presented below (text, banners, video) may be used freely, without Bee Breeders' written permission, by any media, but only for purposes relating to the Sydney Affordable Housing Challenge competition.

For potential media partners who are interested in covering competition winners, please contact us at: [email protected]

Bee Breeders continue their affordable housing architecture competition series, this time partnering with the Sydney Build Expo to tackle housing affordability in Australia’s biggest and busiest metropolitan city. Revealed as having one of the lowest supplies of affordable house in the world, coming in second to Hong Kong, Sydney property remains unattainable for most of the young population.

Working with limited resources participants are challenged to create solutions to make Sydney’s housing market more accessible, with the winning designs to be presented at the Sydney Build Expo 2018.

The Sydney Affordable Housing Challenge is now open until February 9, with a total prize fund of US $6, 000. Visit for more information, images, and press kit downloads.


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